Why Should We Install Metal Roofs?

Many construction problems are also exposed after every storm, and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of social news about tiles falling off. In fact, this is not uncommon. In the past, when we lived in the countryside, we needed to turn over the tiles every two years for a major replacement; nowadays, the same is true for high-end communities, where tiles falling off has long been a common occurrence. 

The tiles fall off frequently, in summary, mainly because the traditional cement tiles are made by pressing or rolling a certain proportion of cement mortar, thus cutting into each piece with nail hollow tiles. Tiles in this type of production, maintenance process are very difficult to distinguish by naked eye fine crack, crack, density of cement tiles determine the durability, water penetration resistance, frost resistance, and service life. Thus, the tiles are easily broken in the freezing and thawing process after installation. Once the roof tiles fall off, the subsequent repair is very troublesome. It is better to replace them with strong and durable metal tiles through and through, saving time and effort.

The cost of construction is now somewhat high, taking into account time, labour and weather conditions. The cost effectiveness of metal tiles compared to traditional tiles greatly reduces the cost of labour, logistics and handling of the roofing system, saving the cost of the project. Metal tiles can also be easily cut and used in different forms of construction. It is also safe to use on roofs or buildings with large slopes and is a common modern roofing material.

Metal roofs can be used in a wide range of applications, including residential areas, hotels, individual buildings, tourist attractions, steel, wood and concrete structures. Metal tiles are green and environmentally friendly products that do not cause harm to the human body or the environment. The tiles are lapped with a horizontal precise lap, allowing the tiles and roof to be installed sturdily and can withstand strong rain and snow to ensure that the roof does not leak.

The metal sheets are all good conductors and the metal tile roofing system they form is connected to an effective earth, which prevents damage from lightning. The metal material is structurally sound as a whole and has a good ability to adapt to deformation. Compared to traditional materials such as concrete, metal roof installation malaysia are more easily adapted to changes in roof surface temperature and, provided they are properly constructed and designed, have good waterproofing and drainage properties.

Compared to traditional roofs such as reinforced concrete, metal tiles are lighter in weight and can reduce the structural load of the building, lowering the cost of the main structure and facilitating the transport and construction of materials. Through systematic design and construction organisation, installation is easy and quick, and construction quality is easily guaranteed. The recycling rate of metal tiles is high, which can effectively protect the environment and sustainable development.

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