Why Buy a Beach House As your Second Home

Are you thinking about buying a beach home in the near future? Having settled down in a beautiful home in the neighborhoods of Damansara Jaya, it is only natural to think about the next step as a shopper. Homes are an investment that lasts a lifetime and if beaches are your favorite thing in the world, a beach house is the least bizarre investment to think about.

How many times have we passed down beach houses situated in Malaysia and thought to yourselves that you will have a house like that one day! Sometimes dreams do come true with a little strategic thinking. But buying a beach house as a second home is not all that easy and breezy. You have to think about mortgages, maintenance, repairing, and so many costs that go into this very beautiful investment. Granted that you are willing to consider all the cons, let’s take a deeper look at why you need that beach house anyways. 

A Great Property Investment 

Looking at your beach house from a strictly real estate point of view, there is not much to lose. Beach houses are known to improve value over time. There are people always looking forward to investing in a beach house and the demand never dies down. As time goes on the value of the property will increase and the return we yield also becomes greater in the future. In a moment of a change of heart, you can also think about selling it at a profit since a beach house is always high in value. 

Earn A Passive Income 

A passive income is how most people remain financially stable even in the face of a global crisis or employment loss. Not everyone can depend on their private-sector job or employment to be their source of income. There has to be more than one to secure your finances. Beach property is one way to earn money by giving it out for rental, for parties, and as vacation homes. We doubt that we will be living on the beach house for 24 hours a day, seven times a week. Most of the time we would end up going there for a weekend getaway every month or so. The rest of the time the house remains empty and this is the perfect opportunity to give it for rental and earn a side income from it. 

Live On The Beach 

Sometimes city life is simply too hectic. It is polluted, fast-paced, incredibly suffocating compared to life on the beach. If we ever have a change of heart and leave our home in the city of Damansara Jaya, we have the comfort of falling back into the beach house and living a comfortable life up there. We can indulge in our favorite water sports, activities and the hobbies we have procrastinated over the past few years. Being out in nature is not only good for our mental health and well being but it will also improve our physical health. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s go beach house shopping! 

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