What are adults toys about?

Adult toys include a wide range of erotic lingerie, jumpers, dildos, vibrators, delay cups and more in Dildo Malaysia.  There are two types of toys, male and female, which are used to help adults to get physical assistance, not only to increase sexual interest and improve the quality of life but also to bring positive effects on physical health.

As a vibrating toy with a built-in motor and a silicone cover, the vibrating egg provides a pleasant and steady vibration for women, mainly for the stimulation of the vulva and sensitive areas of the body, including the clitoris. For women choosing erotic toys for the first time, jumpers are a great entry-level toy.

Then, let’s talk about AV sticks, which actually belong to the category of dildos. We often see it in small movies, but it is not different from a shoulder and neck massager, except that it is made to enhance the stimulation of the clitoris, such as adding small bumps to the end of the vibrating head or increasing the frequency of the vibrations. Don’t look at it as a bluff, but it can’t be entered into the body and can only be used for clitoral stimulation. It also has more powerful vibrations than other jumpers.

Next, let’s move on to the second category: vibrators. There are two types of vibrators, the single-ended vibrator, which is used for penetrating the female vagina, and the double-ended vibrator, which is a single-ended vibrator with an additional small bulge that can be used to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. The vibrator is shaped like a penis, but as a vibrator, it can be used for vaginal masturbation as well as for sexual intercourse between lovers. Use the vibrator to titillate a woman’s internal pleasure first before penetration, or to continue giving pleasure to a woman after a male orgasm.

In the third category, there is the co-ed vibrating toy. This type of toy will look like a novelty in that it is U-shaped and will usually have a smoother end, and a thicker another end. The smooth end can be inserted into the woman’s vagina, and then the thicker end is allowed to fit the woman’s vulva while the man then inserts his vagina. While the man is doing the vaginal penetration, the U-shaped vibrating toy can vibrate the woman’s C-spot, G-spot and man’s penis at the same time, adding to the eroticism.

All toys can be used not only for masturbation but also for sex between two people, adding to the eroticism of love and helping to make the experience easier and more pleasurable for both partners.

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