Steps Through To Become A Specialist

Medical undergraduate study programs usually have a cumulative study load of 144 credits (Semester Credit System) which takes 7 to 14 semesters or 3.5 to 7 years. This depends on the ability and discipline of students.

If you successfully complete it then you will graduate and get an ijazah sarjana muda perubatan dan pembedahan degree or commonly known as S. Ked. You have to get a professional degree first or what is known as “dr.”, and to get that we have to move on to the world of co-ass (co-assistants)/young doctors.

In general, let us describe the 3 stages of medical education, where stage 1 and stage 2 are taken during undergraduate medical education and stage 3 is taken during the medical profession stage.

Stage 1: General Education

This stage is usually found in the first semester where it teaches about the achievement of basic skills and attitudes in medical education.

Stage 2: Medical Sciences

This stage is studied in semesters 2-7, also called the preclinical period, usually during the preclinical period it is divided into about 21 blocks.

Stage 3: Clinical stage (co-ass)

This stage is taken for a minimum of 3 semesters. At this stage the young doctor will study and be placed in a practice area such as a hospital.

Continuing the Medical Profession (dr.)

During this clinical stage, young co-ass/doctors will undergo different stages or divisions in hospitals, such as internal medicine stage, midwifery stage, surgical stage, ENT stage, and so on. If the young co-ass/doctors successfully complete this clinical stage, they will be graduated again and declared entitled to the title of Doctor (dr). Then is it enough to just stop there?

After that you have to take part in an internship program for 1 year first, and get paid for the doctor’s services. After you have successfully passed this internship period, then you have the right to apply for a license to practice independently or apply for jobs in other agencies according to our interests.

Specialist Doctor (Specialist 1)

A specialist is a doctor who continues his education again after successfully completing a Bachelor of Medicine (S. Ked.) and has earned a medical professional degree (dr.) and then specializes in a certain field of medical science, such as an obstetrician or internal medicine specialist.

A doctor must undergo post-graduate medical professional education (specialization) to become this specialist. Specialist doctor education in Malaysia is called the Specialist Doctors Education Program or PPDS, which is an educational program to train a general practitioner to become a particular specialist.

Sub-Specialist/Consultant (Specialist 2)

Some specialist doctors continue their education to a higher level, and this level is called sub-specialist (Sp2) or what you usually know as Consultant (K). This Consultant (K) degree is added behind the Specialist (Sp) degree. Education to obtain the Consultant (K) degree is taken for 4 to 6 semesters.

S2 Medicine (Master)

Masters in medicine or postgraduate medicine has a Masters (M) degree. Master of Medicine can be taken if a doctor has earned a Bachelor of Medicine (dr). The length of education for a master’s degree in medicine (master) is 4-5 semesters, but this master’s degree is not a professional degree/level, but an academic degree/level.

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