Safety Tips For Internet Bankers

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When people think about saving money, they are always concerned about how to keep the money saved safely. From the ancient ways of stuffing it inside your spice jars to hiding it under your mattress. Luckily for us, we’re born in an era where banks have been created to help keep our money safe. And as the days do by, the security measures in place have seen a massive improvement that just aids in keeping us rest assured. 

Despite all these measures placed, there is one part that is not controlled by the bank, and that is when we do online transactions ourselves. In hindsight, most of us are only concerned with completing our transactions and moving on with our busy schedules. In all actuality, we are responsible for the safety of our money when we do transactions online. For those who are unaware, here are some tips to keep in mind when doing online transactions. 

internet bank account registration Malaysia

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Many often forget, but public Wi-Fi is something you must absolutely avoid when doing your online transactions. This is because when using public Wi-Fi, your data and search history is available for people to view. If someone would like to, they could find out information such as your username and passwords used for your internet banking account, despite the security measures put in. So, it’s easier to just avoid it completely.

Use Incognito or Private Tabs

When doing your online transactions, it is advisable to use incognito or private tabs to search up the websites. This is to ensure people and your search engine does not track your searches while making it all the safer for you. Using private tabs also ensures that your usernames and passwords are not saved on your device. This can ensure that you won’t lose your money, even if someone steals your phone.

Never Click Save

Like I mentioned above, it’s advisable to use incognito tabs when doing your transactions online, however, if you are one who tends to forget, this tip is for you. You can still use normal tabs to do your transactions, however, it is safer for you to always click the ‘never save’ option when typing in your passwords. 

Log Out and Clear Search History

Once you have finished with your transactions, you should always remember to log out of your account. This is because not all accounts automatically log you out when you end the application or tab, it can sometimes still run in the background, which makes it easier for people to hack. After logging out, you should remember to clear your search history as well as clear your cache. Usually, once you have logged out, there will be a clear cache option on the screen. Again, by doing this, you’re reducing the chances of being targeted. 

So, try using these tips, and if you’re living in Malaysia and are interested in having your own account, try registering for an internet bank account.

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