Patio Makeover Ideas 2021


Outside, we can feel that the weather is getting warmer while the flowers are finally blooming after months of the rainy season. We can finally feel the sun beaming on our faces. When you step out of your house, you can see various birds and gorgeous butterflies flying everywhere. Does it not make you feel like this is the most ideal weather for you to relax on your patio at Batang Kali? Imagine having a sip of cold lemonade while enjoying your favourite book under the nice weather on your patio. Not only that, having friends and family over for a night of barbeque on your patio also sounds like a good idea. Nevertheless, before you plan on what activities and events you can do at your patio at Batang Kali, try to do some makeover of your patio to make it a more pleasant and comfortable area for both you and your guests. Do check out this article for some of the top patio makeover ideas that are suitable for the enjoyable warm weather. 

Batang Kali

Build Stone-Path Walkway

One of the most aesthetic ideas in patio makeovers is creating a stone path walkway to your patio. This will provide uniqueness to the area. You can create a path from the front of the house to the patio by using materials such as stones or bricks to ensure the walkway is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Not only that, to make your patio walkway more visible even in the dark, try adding decorations such as glow-in-the-dark pebbles to your stone-path walkway for some personality. 

Create A Shade

For your fantasy patio, a shade is a wonderful option. With the help of some DIY tutorials and YouTube videos, you can even build your own shade on the patio. To make the patio an alternative ideal outdoor living area, you can add in some drapes with wooden stands as a shade so that you spend some time outdoors without having to worry about the sun being too hot for you to handle. You can add in colourful shades so that the glow in the dark pebbles or stones around the patio walkway can illuminate the surrounding with the shades providing extra aesthetics to the environment. 

Invest In Outdoor Lighting

You need to invest in outdoor lighting that will make your patio one of the most attractive ones among the residential areas. If you are interested in giving your patio a starry vibe at night, you can get the warm coloured string lights and drape them around your patio and drapes. During barbeque night, to provide extra lighting so that you and your guests do not have to eat in the dark, you can even get lanterns and hang them around your patio for gentle illumination. This will not only light up the environment but will also blend well with other patio makeover ideas stated in the article. Instead of plain warm coloured lighting, you can also hang colourful lanterns around your patio to provide colourful illumination at night.

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