Interesting Laboratory Equipments You Might Know

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Even from our schooling days, laboratories are not unknown. Most schools have them and each of them has specific purposes, whether it is for biology, chemistry or physics. Regardless, in all of these laboratories contain equipments of their own. 

To conduct testing and research, laboratories require a variety of equipment and instruments. These common pieces of workhorse general lab equipment may be found in a variety of disciplines and industries. General lab equipment can be found in, research labs, diagnostic testing in medical labs, research and development, quality assurance, manufacturing and educational labs to name a few.

When you were first exposed to those equipments, you might wonder what are they used for? Some of them you might get the chance to try them out, but some are left to the side, making you to forever wonder what their usages are. Whether you are interested in them for fun or you wish to pursue in the studies of science, here are some interesting laboratory equipments you might know, and their uses.

Bunsen Burners

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Bunsen burners are a common fixture on the laboratory bench, and they may be used for a variety of regular heating studies as well as simple open-flame sterilizing. A Bunsen burner is used with an external gas supply or modified to work with a gas cartridge and batteries for ignition, command, and monitoring features, making it a portable Bunsen burner. Hands-free operation is available on some versions through a sensing device or a foot switch, which is operated via a simple graphical user interface.

Hot Plates

The hot plate stirrer / hot plate magnetic stirrer is a common laboratory device that keeps solutions flowing while heating them for a faster, more uniform response. Despite the fundamental design’s practicality, current hot plate stirrers have features that enhance safety, speed, and reduce mistake. Modifications to the stirring equipment, built-in timers and thermostats to warn the user whenever the plate is hot and minimize overheating, and user-friendly controls for more accurate control are just a few examples of such changes. 

Fume Hood

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By releasing chemical fumes and other hazardous gases out of the laboratory, chemical fume hood protect lab personnel. Air enters the cabinet through a front moveable sash and transports fumes up and out through the vent. Low-flow fume hoods and hoods with an external air intake (also known as auxiliary fume hoods) are now available in chemical fume cabinets to prevent releasing conditioned room air. You can check out some fume hood supplier in Malaysia for more information. 


Under a CO2 environment, a cell culture incubator is built to ensure a steady temperature and high humidity for the development of tissue culture cells. Interiors are made of non-corrosive stainless steel, however some newer versions include antimicrobial copper surfaces to avoid infection. Another innovative and appealing function in CO2 incubators is auto cleaning using heat or UV radiation.

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