How Is Concrete Technology Changing?

A little over a hundred years ago we first saw the innovation of ready-to-mix concrete. This is commonly used all over the world and the convenience of it has created endless projects and our own little handicraft works. Billions of people use this little product and it is the holding glue for all of our structure. 

The concrete industry is however a leading industry that is always changing. Cement that has been created hundreds of years ago is bound to go through some changes with the advancement of technology. Along with cement, concrete admixture malaysia, many other sectors of the concrete industry are bound to go through hoops of changes. From the material we use to ensure sustainability, durability, to safer equipment for workers and improving the digital integration into concrete technology, the world is expecting big changes. 

Creating environmentally friendly solutions has become a priority for many companies in the concrete technology world but that is not the only trend popping up in the 21st century. We have got a lot more trends and remarkable changes on the way. These changes are aimed to make the world of construction and concrete a much more efficient, safer, and productive one that produces robust results. 

Smart Technology And Equipment 

Smart technology has made its way to many different parts of the world and even took more prevalence in various industries, including the concrete industry. However, with a lack of skilled workers, it has been difficult to accelerate the process of implementing smart technologies. Despite the barriers, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are going to be seen in equipments, mixtures, and protocols in the future of concrete technology. Some of the examples of IoT and artificial intelligence making their way to concrete tech include the application of GPS trackers in equipment, Drones for better visualization, adding sensors for accurate and timely information, better assessments to test the strength of concrete mixtures. 

Ultra high performance concrete 

Ultra high-performance concrete has been revolutionary for the concrete tech industry. The new concrete technology that has been introduced, has shown remarkable benefits when compared to traditional concrete. UHPC  uses fibers that add to the durability, and strength as opposed to the traditional concrete. Not only is it much stronger and has a better impact on the environment, but it is also much better of a material in terms of longevity. UHPC is useful for a period of more than 70 years while traditional concrete only lasts around 25 years. UHPC also reduces the amount of maintenance you need and thereby reduces the overall long-term costs. It is safe to say they are the more cost-effective option as well. 

Given the recent trends in technology and digitization, concrete companies are taking more steps to find alternatives to carbon-intensive cement and traditional ones. The carbon footprint needs to be reduced by providing alternatives to cement that has the potential to produce more carbon dioxide than an airplane.  Cement is irreplaceable in the concrete industry but it can be improved in terms of how useful, environmentally sound and durable it is. 

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