Essential Stuff Needed For Newborns (Checklist) 

For those who will give birth soon, are you ready to take the items to the hospital? Some may not be sure what other important items need to be brought. For the first

next time I will give birth, I must be wondering if the preparations have been made enough or not, right? Not only the first time giving birth mama, however experienced mama that has given birth before can forget what to bring or what’s needed. So, let’s check the items that need to be brought to the hospital. Ohh before that, if mama thinks there is

Bring What Is Needed Only 

Unnecessary items can be reduced from this list. Bring according to your needs! This

as a guide only.

Usually, the mummy has to provide enough clothes and long pants because worried that the baby’s would be in the cold of the night or the starry deck of mosquito bites.

During the day, mummy can style the baby with rompers or T-shirts and shorts

so the baby got hot. Here are some of the newborn baby clothes that need to be provided:

1. 5 pieces of long sleeve baby clothes

2. 14 pieces of short sleeve shirt

3. 12 pieces of long pants

4. 4 pieces of shorts

5. 10 pieces of baby ‘barut’ 

6. 3 pieces of rompers

7. 11 pairs of mittens and booties

8. 2 pieces of headgear

All of the clothing items stated above are stated as an average item needed. You could always get more later. 

If you or your partner have a history of skin problems, then you might want to get more items like: 

9.Nappy Cream 

10.Rash Cream 

Please choose the scent-free one as it could be an allergy potential. Then, let’s move on to other items needed. 

11.Pampers or disposable diapers; you could choose 

12. Wet wipes. buy fragrance free baby wipes Malaysia

13.Changing mat

14.Nappy liners


16.Baby shampoo

17.Baby powder

18.Baby lotion

19.Baby oil

20.Baby bath

21.Bath towels

22.Cream nappy rush


24.Small scissors

25.Nail clippers

26.Nasal aspirator


28.Brush (use if necessary, if there is not enough tidy the child’s hair by hand)

29.Toothbrush (this can be bought when you already have teeth)

30.White cotton; could be balls or square shaped (baby size)

Some Important Things Needed To Be Noted 

This is one of the list of items that mothers can prepare before giving birth to their beloved baby. Hope everything is simplified. Goodluck all mommies!

As for what mummy needs, the essential items are different. Google and get your materials there. However, be smart in reading. Make sure to read from reputable journalists or better; publishing that have been approved. 

Last Words 

Providing baby accessories is a very exciting experience for many new parents. Yet, without careful planning, they may be buying things they shouldn’t and left out that must be bought. This is the importance of a baby equipment checklist.

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