Difference Between Alternative, Traditional And Modern Medicine

The argument of whether alternative, traditional and modern medicine is better has been going on for ages. The truth is that none of them is neither better nor worse than one another. Of course, people have different opinions on this but as everything else in the world has, each of these medicinal branches have their pros and cons. That aside, people also are usually confused about the differences between alternative, traditional and modern medicine, especially confused about the first two mentioned. Thus, here I am to explain how they differentiate:

Alternative Medicine 

First off, alternative medicine. As its label suggests, it’s simply different from standard medical procedures. Alternative medicine includes acupuncture, chiropractic care, Ayurvedic medicine and similar medicines or treatments. Basically, it focuses on the treatment of the body without going the normal path of getting treated or consuming the medication. As an example, when your doctor diagnoses you with high cholesterol and prescribes you with cholesterol medicine, but you opt for a change in your diet instead, then that is an alternative treatment. One known benefit of this kind of treatment is that it is natural and most likely safe instead of feeding your body different types of pills. However, the downside of getting alternative treatments is that it is not foolproof. Just because it worked for someone else, it does not mean it will work for you. Take, for example, your friend suggests that you go for acupuncture just because it helped them relieve their pains. However, when you give it a try, it may end up with no results or making it worse. The point is that it works for some and does not work for some. 

Traditional Medicine 

Traditional medicine on the other hand has many different meanings to each culture. Some cultures use herbs and spices, similar to alternative medicine, but some use methods of energy-cleansing or aura-healing which affects your soul more than it affects your physical. Nonetheless, a lot of people would argue that, in fact, healing the soul can contribute to healing your body as well. How you can notice the difference between alternative and traditional is that one is simply different ways out of medical practice norms and the other is depending on each different culture or religion. Despite most traditional medicine involving herbs and whatnot, there are some that might be harmful to some people, so be cautious with what treatment you go for. 

Modern Medicine

Ah, modern medicine, the classic that almost everyone is opting for nowadays. Modern medicine is basically all the pills, cough syrups or even medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia. One of the benefits of having a variety of modern medicine is that it is easily accessible, affordable as well as you can quickly get treated for whatever you have. Even a common cold can be treated within hours when you consume modern medicine. However, the disadvantage of opting for modern medicine is that we don’t see the limit. There is a pill for everything but when does it start being too much for our body? 

In short, before you opt for any kind of medicine, be it traditional, alternative or modern, always know what you are facing in-depth and always consult a medical professional beforehand. Similar to how you discuss with your partner beforehand of spicing up your relationship.

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