Buy A Property And Be Financially Free

Achieving Financial Freedom

Starting a family entails one to invest a good amount of money. Unless you want your future kids on the street or your family to experience a lot of struggles, it would be best if you prepare for them now that you are still a bachelor and does not have any serious obligations. 

The most basic need of a family is a shelter about their heads. That said, it would be best if you start with that as well. Yes, it means a huge investment, but then again, without your own house for your family, you can end up facing so many monthly expenses, considering you also need to deal with monthly rent. You don’t even know yet the unplanned expenses that might need to be dealt with by then. 

While buying your own property might have been such a struggle before, that is really not the case these days, especially in Malaysia where real estate is observed to be really booming and is still expected to boom in the future. In fact, one of the properties you can check first is the properties in Klang, Johor Bahru, Subang Jaya, and Petaling Jaya. It means your family will be living in this area where most of the essentials are just nearby like hospitals, airports and so on. At the same time, you will also find good schools in this place, and it will be easier for you to find one for your kids in the future. 

Yes, it is not easy to buy a house and you might think that this can wait. You can just enjoy today and face this serious problem once you have a family already. Of course, this is what others are doing, but then again, if you notice, not all families own the property they live in. in fact, there are so many renters across the globe because they were not able to come up with enough funds to buy a house. They have a lot of expenses to deal with that buying a house is not even part of the plan anymore. 

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Yes, this can happen to you as well if you will first tie the knot before marrying. The thing is, when you get married, you will right away have another soul to take care of and that is your wife. The good thing is she is working as you can both save for your future. But what if she is not working or what if you will right away have kids? So, the plan to buy a house will just fly off the window. 

This is why, while you are still on your own, while your financial responsibilities are still minimal, you can plan for the future shelter of your future family. In your status right now, you can even plan a grand house for that matter. With so many available properties in the market, you can comfortably choose which you think is the best. 

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